Online Business Marketing – Improve Your ROI

When you spend time, effort, and money on business marketing, you want a significant return on your investment. With online business marketing, you can get that much easier and more cost effectively than with offline marketing techniques. Read on to learn why and how new media provides you with a better return on your investment and better way to analyse that ROI as well.Traditional Media ROIIn traditional media, the only way to determine return on investment was through waiting to count your sales ages after the marketing campaign took place. And one of the biggest problems with this was that by the time you figured out that a particular method of marketing to your customers and prospective customers was not working, you had spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time and effort.With new media mediums, there is most often a way to measure the success in a way that can help you shift gears if something is not working and replicate a successful marketing method quickly if it is — which can allow you to increase your ROI multi-fold. The best way to measure and maximise your success online is to use the tools that are available to you:Use Search Engine Marketing ToolsSEM, or search engine marketing is something that businesses need to do to help get found by potential customers that use the web to choose products and providers. By paying to be seen on web pages for targeted search engine words and phrases, you can get seen by your potential audience. This is a lot like advertising in a TV commercial during a show you know full well your potential audience watches. The good thing though, is that you can tell by analytics reporting whether or not the advertisement was successful. This is wonderful for those who are accustomed to traditional marketing. All you can do is watch for a spike in sales after an expensive TV spot and try to guess whether or not the sale occurred as a result of your advert but you can much more easily measure ROI with a search engine marketing campaign because you can shadow customers and prospects after the fact and follow a click through to see if the user bought or not. You can watch these stats in real time so that you can tweak and / or alter the ad, the phrases, and the positioning.The same can be done with organic SEO. You can target words and phrases and once traffic comes as a result, you can analyse whether or not those words and your sales copy resonated enough with a buyer to produce a sale. Reporting helps you determine where to target next and how you may be able to improve your sales conversion rates.If you’re not yet using business marketing online, you are missing out. Even if your business exists offline, the web is what your potential customers and competitor’s customers are using to make buying decisions. Get some help from a qualified business marketing consultant who can show you how to maximise your marketing investment.

Worldwide Travel Insurance – Protection While Traveling

Whether the travelers realize it or not, there are always chances of something going wrong during the period of their travel. The plane they board may crash, their trips may be canceled, their tickets may be lost and there are still a lot of other events to mention. Therefore, it is very important that the travelers make sure they sign up for a worldwide travel insurance plan. There are various advantages that the travelers can obtain by signing up for the insurance plan and these advantages are going to be revealed below.The worldwide travel insurance is in fact a financial protection that has been especially designed to meet the needs of the travelers. By signing up for such insurance, the travelers will often be eligible for the compensation they deserve in case there is a delay or interruption in their trip.Should the travelers fall sick or get injured quite seriously during the period of their travel in a foreign country, the travelers will be eligible for immediate necessary treatment at the nearest medical facility. It is not rare to find out that the travelers are even able to choose the facility and the doctor of their preference for the treatment as long as the facility and doctor is included in the network of the travel insurance plan for which the travelers sign up.Another good thing about such insurance is that the travelers will also be able to receive replacement items in case their baggage is lost or, even worse, stolen. Better yet, the travelers will not have to worry about having to pay a certain amount of money to receive the replacement items. They are usually covered in the travel insurance plan.However, in case the travelers travel quite frequently, it is of course not so practical if they have to sign up every single time they are going to take a trip, either for leisure or for business purposes. This is when the annual travel insurance comes in pretty handy. With such travel insurance plan, the travelers will only have to sign up once for the insurance plan. Then, they can be sure that they are eligible for the financial protection every time they travel during the whole period of the year.The worldwide travel insurance is a great protection that every single traveler should consider. With such insurance, their travel will not only be exciting but also very safe and convenient thanks to the various advantages that are offered by the insurance.© Copyright Richie Setiawan – All rights reserved worldwide.

You Have Travel Accessories

No matter what anyone says you can’t travel without some kind of accessory. Whether it be suitcases, suit bags, brief cases or money pouches you will always carry some kind of travel accessory with you.The travel accessories say a lot about the life and personality of the person carrying them. Depending on the style and color of their travel accessories, and indeed what particular accessories they are carrying, you can gain insight into what country they are from, whether they are happy, outgoing and energetic or rather old fashioned, whether they are well off financially or have little money to spare and a myriad of other details.The buying team at Mori Luggage and Gifts recently returned from the Travel Goods Show in Washington, D.C. – the largest exhibition of travel accessories and leather goods in the world. For three days, buyers walked the aisles seeking the hot new trends in luggage, briefcases and travel accessories.President of Mori Luggage and Gifts, John Mori, said the Travel Goods Show was an excellent opportunity to network with other businesses who also manufacture travel accessories.
“The Travel Goods Show allows us to meet with all of the leading manufacturers in our industry,” he said. “With the improving economy and travel increasing, we were pleased to discover lots of new, innovative travel products for 2004. Our customers expect us to always have the newest items that make traveling easier.”Mr Mori said manufacturers of travel accessories such as luggage, briefcases and leather goods were responding to consumer demand for bright colors – especially when it comes to women’s business cases. While black will always be popular, fashion-conscious businesswomen can now pick a different color briefcase for each season. The Lodis Audrey Capri Brief has been tipped as a hot seller for spring and summer. Available in salmon and periwinkle, this beautiful brief is constructed of fine-grade Italian leather and features a streamlined exterior, organizer pockets for cell phone and business cards, and a removable shoulder strap.The Zuca MobileLockerTM is a super-durable, lightweight rolling case. It was designed by a mom who couldn’t stand to see her 4th grade daughter lugging 50 pounds of books each day and developing back pain so early in life. The main compartment holds books and important gear and can be used for school, picnics, or airline travel. The top is so strong you can use it as a seat and the magneto LED wheels actually light up as it rolls. It’s an excellent travel accessory that is suitable for a wide range of uses.One of the most interesting developments in luggage and travel accessories is the 22” Transformable Upright from Briggs & Riley. Either use it as a one-piece rolling carry-on or transform it into two separate bags: a deluxe duffle with optional backpack straps and a wheeled carry-on upright. Once the duffle is zipped off, a face panel zips onto the wheeled upright creating a new carry-on. Each bag can hold 2-3 days worth of clothes.So just what’s new in the travel accessories industry? Ever wondered if the airline pillow covers and blankets are as clean as you’d expect? After all, its one of the most commonly provided travel accessories you’ll come across! According to a new company called pb travel, recent studies have suggested that many are not changed or cleaned often enough. That’s why they have introduced the pb blanket and pb disposable pillow covers. The pub blanket is a warm polar fleece blanket that is machine washable and dries in just 10 minutes.If you’ve ever flown overseas, you’ve probably heard of deep vein thrombosis and other circulatory problems that can occur during long flights. Compression Socks by Elastic Therapy use a graduated compression system to improve blood flow and relieve leg swelling and discomfort. They are definitely a must-have on your travel accessories list. They are also great for walking or anytime you plan to spend a lot of time on your feet.Brushing your teeth while traveling or at work just got easier with the Travel on Toothbrush. Actually, its a toothbrush and toothpaste all in one making it another one of those fantastic and ingenious travel accessories. Simply twist the handle and refreshing mint toothpaste comes up through the high qualityEver seen a sophisticated man who carries his stack of dollar bills in a rubber band? We found a way for him to do this in style with the Grand Band from Budd Leather. Each Grand Band features a durable, colorful band with two replacement bands and a stainless steel plate that can be engraved. This is a useful and essential travel accessory for the stylish and professional traveler.You may use this article on your website providing you include the above author bio and active link to Travel-1st.