10 Issues to Consider When Investigating a Travel-Business Opportunity

 When looking for the best possible travel business opportunity for you, make sure to investigate these 10 issues before you get started. With the explosion of the online travel businesses, it’s important to protect yourself even more than before.1) What are the annual sales of the travel business you are investigating? If they won’t disclose their annual sales; that is the first sign to look elsewhere. Additionally, online travel agencies that have a very low annual sales volume are in danger of going out of business in this violent economy.2) What is the size of the support staff? How many employees are available to help you and your clients with questions? Some of these companies are so small that they simply can afford to have support staff.3) Is this company a card mill? A company that sells travel perks without actually selling travel is a card mill. If you are looking at a company that just sell “memberships” or “travel clubs” beware. They might be a card mill! Card mills are being targeted by the industry and may soon be out of business.4) Is the company you are looking into publicly traded? A company that is publicly traded is regulated, regularly audited, and has their financial information easily available. This is just another way to check the validity of the travel business you are interested in.5) Is the travel company you are checking out a leader or a follower? Is this company constantly adding new products and services or changing the travel experience or do they only react to others. Do you consider this company to be the Google or Microsoft of travel?6) Is this travel business opportunity recognized in the Travel Weekly’s Power List? This is just another way to check the validity of this opportunity.7) Does this travel business receive lots of publicity, either positive or negative? Most people do their research on the Internet, however you must realize not everything on the Internet is true or factual. Some companies utilize the practice of negative advertisement to attract new business. Mostly this practice is unethical and illegal. Take all of the information that you collect and make your own decision. If this company is the Microsoft of travel, I’m sure it will get a lot a publicity, good and bad that is not factual.8) Is this travel business a member of the Direct Seller’s Agency (DSA)? DSA is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. This is just another way to check the validity of this opportunity.9) How long has this company been in the business of selling travel online? Many online travel companies are sprouting up all over the Internet quickly. As with any business, many fail within the first year because of the lack of capital and recognition within the industry. Travel is no different.10) Does this company primarily sell travel or travel a secondary product? In my opinion, this is a major red flag. If your company’s main focus is not travel, why would you want to be involved with it? The travel section of this business can easily be discontinued and you would be stuck with selling diet supplements.Be careful when checking out any travel business opportunity. Not all companies are created equal, regardless of price. The above tips will help you avoid making a mistake when choosing a travel company to work with. Travel is an amazing business, so starting out on the right foot will make it that much more enjoyable.